Welcome to the Internet’s dedicated resource regarding the topic of Barometric Pressure Headaches.

Barometric pressure (air or atmospheric pressure) measurements coincide with particular weather conditions and altitude (elevation), therefore a Barometric Pressure Headache is commonly referred to as ‘weather headache’ or ‘altitude headache’ and the people who experience them are said to be ‘weather sensitive’ or ‘altitude sensitive’ individuals.

Barometric Pressure Headache

This site is run by people who suffer from Barometric Pressure Headaches and aims to help visitors take control and reduce the frequency and severity of this debilitating condition, so that they learn to manage their headaches rather than having their lives run by their headaches.

The information provided will cover:

  • What defines this category of headaches and migraines.
  • Symptoms and possible misdiagnosis.
  • Mechanisms and biological responses which may account for a Barometric Pressure Headache.
  • The relationship between barometric pressure, weather conditions, altitude and risk of headaches.
  • How to treat and deal with a Barometric Pressure Headache effectively.

In addition, we also:

  • Provide data and statistics from relevant research.
  • Source suitable barometers and equipment that, in combination with keeping a headache diary, will prove invaluable in determining:
    • Whether you do in fact suffer from Barometric Pressure Headaches and, if so,
    • Reveal the specific conditions and patterns that trigger your headaches or migraines.

We will be adding information on a regular basis and our Forum  will aim to serve as a meeting point for fellow sufferers. This will provide a place for people to share and exchange their experiences, tips and advice to the Barometric Pressure Headache community.