Many people advocate the use of Eastern and natural or alternative therapies in order to treat the causes and symptoms of headaches and migraines. These often form part of an overall holistic approach involving:

  • Stress management – learning to minimize stress factors effectively.
  • Relaxation techniques – learning to relax muscle groupings with effective and deep relaxation techniques.
  • Improving one’s diet – healthy eating and avoidance of headache and migraine food triggers.

The following lists various approaches (some of which have existed for millennia) that have been reported to help people reduce the frequency and intensity of their headaches/migraines, including Barometric Pressure Headaches. Given the variation between people in their sensitivity to various triggers that initiate a migraine, and the fact that people respond differently to a given treatment, the possible benefits from using these types of products can only be determined by keeping a diary and a process of trial and error.

Given that people’s response to treatment varies considerably and that the issue of headaches/migraines can be complex in nature, the degree of benefit for a particular individual will only be known by a process of trial and error in combination with careful monitoring using a Headache Diary.

  • Homeopathy.
  • Herbal remedies.
  • Fragrance remedies and Aroma therapy.
  • Music therapy.
  • Pressure point and Acupressure therapy.
  • Massage therapy.
  • Zone therapy.
  • Chiropractor.
  • Acupuncture.
  • Application of heat and cold compresses to upper back, neck, face and head.
  • Yoga.
  • Meditation.
  • Pilates.
  • Ionizers.
  • Humidifiers and De-Humidifiers.
  • Steamers (relaxes muscles, helps clear blocked tubes and sinus etc).
  • Nasal irrigation is used by some people to help prevent the nasal cavity and sinuses from becoming blocked. A tool such as the Indian Neti Potuses uses saline (salt water) to clean and flush away the build up of mucous and pollution. This helps to reduce or eliminate pressure imbalances in this region that can cause headaches.

Combining an Eastern approach with Western medication has proven very successful for some people in controlling their headaches and migraines.