Please note:
Headaches vary enormously in intensity, frequency and the degree to which they affect a person’s life. They can result from a variety of factors ranging from the completely harmless through to those caused by serious and life threatening medical conditions. If you begin to have unusual symptoms or are concerned in any way or before taking any medication, you are advised to consult a qualified medical practitioner.

Many people arrive at the conclusion that they suffer from Barometric Pressure Headaches through a process of elimination, having initially had the medical profession rule out more serious medical conditions. Others begin to suspect a possible link to the weather but feel unable to pin-point the exact relationship and so are unable to predict and reduce the frequency of their headaches re-occurring.

Therefore, “how can a person gain control and reduce the frequency and misery of Barometric Pressure Headaches so they manage their headaches rather than having their lives run by their headaches?”, given that a significant number of headaches and migraines are:

  • Weather or Altitude and therefore barometric pressure related.
  • Complex and subject to a highly personal response regarding headache:
    • Frequency.
    • Severity.
    • Duration.
    • Trigger parameters.
    • Symptoms.

This section will aim to clarify the situation by covering: